Breaking up is hard to do

The Sonitrol Pacific team works to build long-term security partnerships with our clients.  Once an organization joins the Sonitrol Pacific family, they usually  stay more than 12 years.  However, like with every service provider, sometime clients do choose to leave our security services for a variety of reasons.  The following letter is from one such client.  For reasons outside the control of the people working at the facility, they had to change to another security provider.  Unfortunately, the new company is failing to provide them with the high level of service and security that they came to know with Sonitrol Pacific.

October 21, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

The Amtrak Commissary was a customer of Sonitrol Pacific for nine years.  At our location they met our needs in fire monitoring, temperature monitoring, security monitoring, maintenance, and CCTV.

During this time I was the main contact and contract manager for this facility.  I personally witnessed Sonitrol Pacific demonstrate a professional dedication to customer service and a vendor work ethic that addressed any concern in a timely and efficient manner.  Their tireless pursuit of providing maximum, yet affordable, security for our location was readily apparent.

For our camera system, as well as the alarm system itself, Sonitrol would send a technician out once a year, free of charge, to do annual maintenance on the system.  For our cameras this would include focusing and replacing any parts that had worn out or were missing.  Throughout the year, if any problems occurred with the system we would simply call for service and the matter was corrected in an expedient manner, without charge.

Needless to say, we were fans of the service agreement since it allowed us to budget one fixed annual cost for our camera needs while having the peace of mind that our overall system would always be up and running.  In the rare event that we may encounter a serious issue the Sonitrol tech would arrive promptly to fix the issue in addition to visits from the Sonitrol Representative and Regional Manager, Tony Orso, to ensure our satisfaction with the work performed.

Due to a corporate mandate we recently were forced to change our security provider.  The new provider has demonstrated on multiple occasions that we get what we pay for.  Any adjustment to the cameras or focusing required results in a separate service charge.  All of our communications with the new company is through a call center void of any personal knowledge of our specific account and I have not seen our representative from the new security company since the original installation.

In short, I would highly recommend Sonitrol Pacific for any security related needs.


Keith Keltner,
Amtrak Food & Beverage Contact Manager

We miss protecting the Seattle Amtrak facility and taking care of their service needs.