Bold Burglars Break Into Buildings

Saturday morning was the time for brazen burglars in Portland and Tacoma. In the wee hours of the morning, our Operators detected two break-ins: Mike Young

Mike Young dispatched Portland PD not long after midnight after detecting a break-in at a private city club building downtown. He heard sharp clattering and movement as well as multiple male voices. The officers reported that they had one suspect in custody. The burglars were after the liquor inside and before the police arrived they wrapped many bottles in a sheet or tablecloth in order to sneak it out.

JessicaCulverWhen a door opened at a private elementary school in Tacoma, Jessica was notified of the alarm and began hearing HVAC noises. She advised the Tacoma School patrol of the activity, and when she saw another door alarm and heard someone walking around, she called the patrol back to update them, as well as dispatching the police. The patrol service and the police surrounded the school building. As the suspect left the building, the police apprehended him. The suspect gained entry by smashing through a double paned glass window with a piece of wood.


These bold burglars woke up behind bars on Sunday morning and the stolen property was recovered.