Big Night for Burglars

lock and chainLast night, Erika Post, an Operator in our Verification Center received several alarms about ten minutes after employees at a supply company in Portland armed their system for the very first time after it was installed. She called the responder to find out more, since it was so close to when the system was armed, and he went to check it out. When he arrived, he saw that a door knob had been broken off of a door.  Erika dispatched the police. The officers arrived and sent in the K-9, who found the suspect inside. It appears that the suspect broke the knob off with a sledgehammer or board to gain entry.

After that, Verification Superstar Kris Etheridge detected two intruders at a public middle school in Everett last night when she heard movement and clattering in a classroom. She dispatched Everett PD and notified the school responder. She then began hearing whispering between people. The police arrived and found one suspect but were aware that the second suspect was somewhere in the building. The school responder later confirmed that two suspects were in custody.

To top it off, we recently found out that a dispatch on July 31 led to an arrest.  Kris received audio activations at an alternative medicine/ marijuana collective in Bellingham. She originally heard scraping and rattling but no voices and nothing threatening in the follow up audio. Then, she heard a loud crash and dispatched the police. We don’t have many details, but it was confirmed that one suspect was arrested.

We’re proud to say that not a single one of these customers experienced a loss, thanks to verified security and our fantastic Operators!