Beware of Door Knockers

Door KnockersThe reputation of a door knocker is not a positive one: pushy, obnoxious and deceptive are just a few of the ways people describe them. Nor will they take no for an answer. Not only are some trying to sell services but others are attempting to use it as a way to break into your home or at least scope it out before coming back. Or worse, they ring the bell and when someone doesn’t answer, use it as an opportunity to break in, all while assuming no one is home. So what can you do to deter a door knocker? Check our tips below to protect yourself from those pesky door knockers.

Build relationships with your neighbors: It’s important to form solid relationships with your neighbors for many reasons. One of the most important is for them to look after your home, whether you’re on vacation or just gone for the day. If you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time, let a neighbor (who you can trust) know that you’ll be gone and ask that they keep an eye on the house. Ask if they will pick up your newspaper or mail and take in the garbage cans. Be sure to do the same for them. The more people look out for each other’s homes, the safer the neighborhood will be.

Yard signs and decals: Research shows that burglars are deterred by a house that has yard signs and/or security decals showing that the property is protected. Be sure to put them in critical areas like the front door, back door and side windows. Want a yard sign or sticker but don’t have one? Contact your Sonitrol Pacific customer service representative who would be happy to provide them to you.

Arm your system: Every time you leave the house you should be setting your alarm, even if you only plan to be gone briefly. It doesn’t take long for someone to break into a home, so why chance it when you’re just running to the store for groceries? Not only will it better protect your home but it will also give you better peace of mind. Once you get into a habit of arming it every time you leave the house, it will become second nature.

Install outdoor cameras: With video surveillance installed and a camera at your front door, you are able to see who is exactly knocking whether you’re home or not.If you don’t recognize the person, it’s best to not even answer the door or engage with the person. Fortunately, with the mobile app, you can verify who is at your door from virtually anywhere.

Bottom line, be cautious of door knockers! Go with your “gut” reaction and if something doesn’t feel right, do not open the door. If the person still will not leave, contact your local police and ask for assistance.