Best return on security investment

From Sonitrol Pacific Boise client Preferred Community Homes:

“Feb. 2, 2010

To Whom it may concern:

Sonitrol has asked that I share my experiences with you regarding their services.  I would be pleased to.  When I began working in the Meridian area, we chose Sonitrol for our security services.  We loved working with them.  I loved the monthly reports and access to data regarding the ins and outs of the building.  In addition, the few times when the alarm was tripped, the response time was immediate.  We utilized their services for several years until we changed locations.

At the time that we changed locations, we decided to go with another security company.  This decision was solely based on price.  After utilizing the other company for about a year and having issues in security, we decided to return to Sonitrol.  Our current system with Sonitrol is much more advanced than our previous system.  It provides additional security that we went without when using the other company.

We truly have enjoyed working with Sonitrol and are grateful we made the decision to return to their services.  Regardless of the price point, their service is well work the additional cost.

Thank you,

Renee Naylor
Regional Representative
Preferred Community Homes”