Bellingham Business Burglar

Minta Christopherson was monitoring accounts in our Verification Center when she received audio activations from banging noises in the upstairs reception area of an insurance company in Bellingham, Wash. at 6 in the morning on September 3. She dispatched the police and continued hearing banging, movement, and a male voice while she was on the line with the dispatcher. The officers arrived and created a perimeter around the building. They caught and arrested one suspect fleeing the building but a second suspect got away. Fortunately, the suspects were unable to gain entry to the building.

Wooden_file_cabinetThis is the same business that suffered a break-in in May, where the suspects gained entry and barricaded themselves inside the bathroom to evade police. For more on that story, read the blog post here.

We are so glad to have prevented a break-in at this customer. Businesses like insurance companies have a lot at risk when it comes to break-ins because of not only the obvious equipment and cash, but very personal customer information as well. Your insurance company knows a lot about you, and you trust them to keep that information secure. Insurance companies like this one in Bellingham in turn trust us to keep their properties secure.