Back to School Safety

Katelyn Smrecansky Security Resources

With classes back in session comes the flood of school buses, kids on bikes, slower driving speeds and backed up traffic. It’s always important to drive slowly and check your surroundings but it’s especially important in September when kids are headed back to school. Did you know that children are hit by cars most often near schools between the ages of four and seven? Check out our tips below for safe driving, bus riding and more.

Bus riding:
• Stay at a safe distance from the bus’s pick up and drop off area
• Watch out for loose clothing and open backpacks so you don’t get caught on the handrail or in the door
• Wait for the bus to stop completely before getting off or attempting to get on
• Do not pick up anything you have dropped near the bus before communicating with the driver
• Wait to cross the street in front of the bus until the driver acknowledges you

Dropping kids off:
• Carpool as much as you can
• Don’t double park as it blocks visibility for others
• Try to load and unload as close to the entrance of the school as possible

Bike safety:
• Always leave three feet between you/your car and a bicyclist
• Be extra cautious in neighborhoods and school zones
• Check your mirrors before opening your car door
• Watch out for bicyclists turning in front of you without looking

Sharing the road with a bus:
• Keep a safe distance from a school bus, kids often aren’t paying attention when they’re getting off
• Never pass a bus from behind
• Traffic must stop when bus lights are flashing

• Stop and yield to all pedestrians who are trying to cross the street using the crosswalk
• Do not block a crosswalk when trying to turn on a street
• Watch out for crossing guards holding signs
• Never honk at a pedestrian

If we all strive to follow these tips, we can make our schools and roads a safer place.

Back to School Safety