Audio Verified Security Catches Criminals at a School and Warehouse

Just after midnight on the 24th, infallible operator Jessica Culver received security activations caused by breaking glass in an Everett public high school office. She dispatched Everett PD but did not hear any more suspicious noise from the school’s security system, only the sound of the HVAC. When police arrived, they confirmed that the outer pane of the window was broken. A representative from the school reported that two teens were apprehended and a third fled before being arrested.

Less than 24 hours later, operator Mike Young was was notified of an alarm coming from a roll up door at a large tire distribution center in Portland. He dispatched Portland Police and through the site’s audio verification panel he could hear movement and banging

inside . When officers arrived, it was not clear from the exterior if the suspects were still in the warehouse. The site contact arrived and entered the warehouse through the front office. When he walked in, he could see flashlights coming from the back. He opened the door to the scare the suspects and they fled from the shop– into the hands of the officers.

The two men had taken tires from higher racks and stacked them by the door, perhaps avoiding the most obvious tires on the floor so that no one would notice that they were gone.

While schools and tire warehouses might not have much in common when it comes to structure or design, Sonitrol Pacific audio detection security systems can be custom-designed to work perfectly in both to catch criminals in the act.