Audio Verified Home Alarm Systems | Daytime Intruder Apprehended

Operator Stephany Ripley was monitoring accounts in our Verification Center yesterday afternoon when she received audio activations caused by crashing and banging in the basement of a vacant house for sale in Everett. She dispatched Everett PD. Officers found a male on the property and arrested him. The mother and sister of the intruder were in a car in front of the home and were identified as accomplices but have not yet been arrested.

According to the homeowner, the suspects were carrying a list of all the unoccupied homes in the area, which indicates that they may have had a plan to break into other properties as well. Not surprisingly, the homeowner is pleased that the suspects were caught.

This apprehension goes to show that verified home alarm systems are of utmost importance even for vacant, for-sale or vacation homes. Criminals can find items of value at almost any property and once they find them they often come back. Audio verified home alarm systems can detect intruders from even the most unusual entry points and take the stress off of homeowners who may no longer live at the address  or who cannot verify that a crime is in place.

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