Audio verification in action catches burglar

Operator Joe Orsborn

Police arrested one individual suspected of sawing a hole through a service door in order to avoid activating the alarm system at Volvo of Tacoma on March 2.

When operator Joe Orsborn heard what sounded like lots of banging and rustling coming from the service area of Volvo of Tacoma, he dispatched Fife Police Department immediately. When Joe received an alarm from the northwest service entry door, he called the police and updated them. They advised the last alarm was actually caused by the officers, including police dogs, going into the rear of the building to investigate. When the officers arrived, the first thing they saw was the sawdust on the ground!

Officers successfully arrested one individual suspected of using a battery operated saw to cut a hole in the door. This individual knew if he opened the door the alarm company would be notified. He did not know Sonitrol Pacific was actively listening in! The officers and police dogs did allow the suspect to exit using the door instead of the hole he had cut and entered through.