Audio security system leads police to stolen computers

Despite an early morning break-in, Arakawa Hanging Systems suffered no losses, police recovered a truckload of stolen computers and neighboring businesses weren’t burglarized thanks to Operator Joe Orsborn expertly monitoring Arakawa’s Sonitrol Pacific audio security system.

Just before 5 a.m. today, Joe received an activation of Arakawa’s system.  He listened to what was happening live on site and heard sounds of movement.  Joe called police.

The burglar bolted when he opened a double door leading to a public space shared by several businesses and heard the delay signal beeping (most likely, he planned to hit the other businesses).  Police gave chase and the burglar wrecked his truck.  Officers found a truckload of stolen computers.  Nothing was stolen from Arakawa and a lot of people will get their computers back.

People at Arakawa believe this  same person also robbed them in May, before they installed Sonitrol Pacific security.  Now, they lock up all of their computers each night.  The burglar found a hard drive that was left out, but dropped it outside the building, so the only losses came from some door damage.

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