Audio Detection Catches Alcohol Thieves

Sonitrol audio led to the arrest of two suspects during two incidents early this morning.

Not long after midnight last night (25th), Operator Mike Young received audio alarm activations from multiple alarm points at Don Eduardo’s Mexican Restaurant in Seattle. He could hear a loud crash, breakage and movement inside. Mike dispatched Seattle PD on a burglary in progress. He continued to hear movement, rifling and glass bottles clinking, as well as multiple male voices. Officers surrounded the building then entered with a K-9 officer and arrested one person in the basement. They searched throughout the building but couldn’t find the second suspect heard on the audio.

Las Vegas Police, Car (3478792285)Two hours later, fellow Operator Joe Orsborn received alarms at the same restaurant. He knew about the activity there earlier and dispatched Seattle PD immediately. They rushed to the scene and found suspect #2 in a crawlspace. Both suspects are now in custody.

Making the arrests even sweeter is the fact that the restaurant suffered several recent break-ins where the suspects were able to steal alcohol before police arrived. These incidents also underscore the importance of audio alarm verification to the successful police capture of burglars. Mike could hear two suspects talking over the audio, prompting the initial search for the second burglar. He also knew immediately that it was not a false alarm, so when he dispatched police he could say with conviction that a burglary was in progress.

Fore more details, check out SPD’s write-up of the incident on their blotter!