Auburn Police Department Saddened Over Passing of K9 Service Dog

By Pamela Singleton
Posted June 17, 2008

Before joining the Sonitrol Pacific team, I had no idea police dogs play such a large role in the apprehension of suspects. Many of the Sonitrol Pacific assisted apprehensions include the efforts of one or more K9 units. These are incredibly well trained animals that faithfully perform a vital service to our communities.

We at Sonitrol Pacific were very sad to learn about Auburn Police Department Police Service Dog Ronin’s fatal chest infection.

According to the Auburn Police Department’s website, Ronin was only six years old when he died on June 6, but he had a great record of tracking down suspects.

“Ronin and his handler, Officer Dan O’Neil, have been in service as a K9 team since March 2005. The team actively worked up until the day of Ronin’s passing. During their service, Ronin was deployed on tracks 298 times. Of those tracks, 103 ended in suspect captures and 51 tracks resulted in recovery of evidence.”

Donations may be made in Ronin’s name to The City of Auburn’s K9 Fund at Auburn City Hall, 25 W. Main St., Auburn, WA 98001 or to Pet Haven 23646 Military Road, Kent, WA 98032. The City fund helps to purchase new police dogs and equipment such as bullet-resistant vests. The Pet Haven fund goes to the construction of a memorial for all police K9s.