Attention to detail avoids false alarms

I am very proud of all the non-profit and community support organizations Sonitrol Pacific helps secure.  Having been a Camp Fire Girl when I was young, I’m particularly happy we take care of several Camp Fire USA facilities.

Following their tradition of teaching excellent standards of etiquette,  Crystal Jordan from Camp Fire USE of Central Puget Sound sent us this thank you note.

“Friday October 29, 2010

Ms. Heather Orso
Sonitrol Pacific
1406 140th PL NE, Ste 107
Bellevue, WA 98007

Dear Ms. Orso:

I wanted to take this opportunity to write and tell you how impressed we here at Camp Fire Central Puget Sound Council have been by the service provided us by Sonitrol Pacific.  We have been customers since 1996 and I myself have been with Camp Fire for almost four years during which time I have been the main contact for Sonitrol Pacific.

Sonitrol Pacific secured our previous location in Seattle as well as our current location.  As the building was going through transition and was vacant Sonitrol Pacific worked with us to ensure that the building stayed secure.  Their customer service representative met me onsite and made suggestions on what we could do to deter break ins from homeless individuals looking for a place to sleep.  They also installed an intrusion system in our new location.  After installation, Heather came out and did a training session with all of our staff providing everyone with instructional cards and their codes.  We were given full training on duress functions and arming and disarming the system properly as well as how to cancel false alarms.  This attention to detail has helped up avoid many a false alarm.

Anytime Sonitrol Pacific’s operations center has ever called me the operators have been polite and helpful.  They can explain what alarms they are getting along with what they are hearing.  This helps me to make an informed decision as to whether an employee may still be onsite or if we need the police to respond.  I also have the peace of mind in knowing that if Sonitrol gets alarms and the audio of a break in they will just dispatch the police and then call and let me know what they did.  They will stand behind it if it was a due to equipment error or operator error and pay for any false alarm fine we incur.  They would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to our building.  That is the kind of security company I am proud to say we have partnered with.  I can confidently recommend Sonitrol Pacific based on my experience and their outstanding level of service.

Crystal Jordan
Camp Fire USA Central Puget Sound