Attempted Burglary Foiled, Injured Suspect Rescued by Audio security

A Sonitrol Pacific impact-activated audio security sensors detected a break-in at a Tacoma area school and the monitoring operator sent police to catch four juveniles, including one who was injured during the break-in, September 25.

Operator Bricia Mejia received the audio security system activation from the school and heard what sounded like a window being smashed.  She also heard the voices of at least three people and called the school’s security guard service and police.

While authorities were on their way, Mejia heard one of the intruders say he couldn’t breathe and thought his leg was broken.  She believed the suspect fell from the school’s roof and let authorities know they would need emergency aid responders too due to possible injuries.

Police apprehended three boys and a girl who had broken into the school from through the roof.