Arrests at Washington Schools

school windowJune 14 was a big day for apprehensions at our Verification Center. In the afternoon, our newest Operator, Alexandra, received alarm notifications from an elementary school in Tacoma. Alexandra, who is still in training, heard young voices inside the building and notified the school patrol. The patrol guard later called back and informed Alexandra that three people had broken in through the window and stolen a laptop. One suspect was arrested.

At 7:30 that night, the Tacoma School Patrol jumped into action again after Alexandra received a glass break alarm and audio security activations at another Tacoma elementary school. The patrol guard found a smashed window and later reported that he had three individuals  in custody.

The grave shift had just begun when Minta heard banging and movement coming from a hallway at an Arlington, WA elementary school. She dispatched the police and notified a responder. The officers found a broken window and requested that the emergency responder come to the school. When they got inside the building, the police arrested one suspect.

If you’re counting, that’s three incidents, seven detected suspects and five arrests on June 14!