Armored glass doesn't stop burglar, audio security does

The dull sound of armored glass breaking was detected by Sonitrol Pacific, allowing police to be dispatched on a break-in in progress and catch a suspect trying to pry open security bars at a Seattle pawn shop November 19.

Sonitrol Pacific Operator Jessica Culver heard “a thunk and muffled clatter” from the impact-activated audio security system in the “gun sales and front room” area of Aurora Loans a little before midnight.  Scraping and banging noises followed.  Suspecting someone was trying to break into the shop, Culver called Seattle Police.

Police made it to the store in less than five minutes of Culver’s call.  They found a man outside trying to pry open the bars on the security gates.  Police viewed security video and confirmed the man had activated the Sonitrol Pacific security system when in the process of breaking in.  He was taken into custody.

The windows at the pawn shop were made of armored glass.  This kept the sound of them being broken muffled.  However, the audio security sensors still detected the threat and dispatched police on a verified burglar alarm.