Apprehensions Increase 33% in 2008

By Pamela Singleton, Sonitrol Pacific Director of Communications
Posted January 5, 2009

Because our security is so effective and our team of experts are so awesome, I’m used to frequent apprehensions of suspects engaged in criminal activity on or around our clients’ facilities. However, 2008 has been a particularly busy year.

In all, 178 suspected criminals were arrested from 90 Sonitrol Pacific protected locations. Of these, 24 percent were detected and arrested BEFORE they could even get inside. An additional 16 percent of the suspects broke into the building through a point of entry that traditional burglar alarms wouldn’t have detected, like a wall or the roof. Our consultants design systems with the goal of catching criminals, and it shows in our apprehension record.

This major jump in criminal activity is very concerning to me. Considering these 177 people were arrested at a facility with a security system, what kind of risk are those without a system taking on for their business?

I think it also emphasizes the need to give attention to general perimeter security. Obviously, my advice is to work with one of our experts in order to ensure your facility is as secure as it can be. However, you can start today to decrease your odds of being broken into. Check out our security tips, talk to your local police department for more advice, and communicate with your neighboring businesses about collectively working to deter criminal activity.