Apprehension: Six Stadium Snoopers Stopped

JessicaCulverJessica received alarms at the doors at a high school stadium in Snohomish County on June 16 at 3:47 a.m. She heard a group of teens and young adults on site and dispatched the Snohomish County Sheriff. The school responder later called and said that the officers caught six people and that a couple more had been able to get away before being apprehended.

We always see an uptick in school trespassing and unlawful entries over the summer. While many of the suspects are teens looking for an adventure, we believe it is important for them to learn early on that trespassing is trespassing and is not tolerated in the real world. Unlawful entry into a school building presents numerous hazards both for the entrants and school personnel and students, including injury. Furthermore, what starts off as a simple dare to climb through the classroom window can easily turn into burglary when a school camera or computer catches an intruder’s eye. Learning can be disrupted for an entire day if supplies are missing or walls are vandalized on account of a group of bored teens.

Stadium Security

We do our very best to protect schools from all sorts of crime and we are proud of every apprehension. Check out Kerry Goodwin’s blog post to read more about stadium security!