Another Sonitrol Pacific raving fan

I love it when a member of our team delivers service that blows away a customer.  Sarah Shroyer, Sonitrol Pacific Portland Customer Service Representative, received this letter from long time client Barklen, LLC/WatchTV today:

February 11, 2010

Sarah Shroyer
Customer Service Representative
Sonitrol Pacific
8220 N. Interstate Avenue
Portland, OR 97271

Dear Miss Shroyer:

I wanted to thank you for the visit you made to our office the other day.  I appreciated you stopping by and checking to see how Sonitrol was working for us.  We have had a very healthy long term relationship with Sonitrol and your attention to our business was greatly appreciated.  I especially was impressed when you took a quick note about our keypad that needed to be replaced, not because it was malfunctioning, but because some of the numbers were wearing off.  I was quite surprised when a few hours later a Sonitrol technician appeared at our door and installed our new keypad in a manner of minutes!  He was very pleasant and I asked him to thank you for your super speedy handling.  So often these days the experience of “customer service” can be less than inspiring … I thank you not only for your professional attitude, good service, and being attentive to our needs, but also for your kind and enthusiastic manner.

Thank you.


Steve Hale
Operations Manager
WatchTV Incorporated