And it all comes full circle …

By Barbara Hamlin, Sonitrol Pacific Portland Director of Customer Service
Posted October 7, 2009

Dr. Joe Safirstein recently purchased the Ticor Title Insurance building on NE 39th for his dental practice. Sonitrol Pacific has been providing security for Ticor Title at that site since April of 2005. Dr. Safirstein will be doing extensive remodeling, but wants the security system active during the remodel. He previously received a demonstration of the Sonitrol Pacific security system for his current office on NE Multnomah Street and although he did not invest in a system at that time, he was very impressed by what we do.

The thing Dr. Safirstein remembers most, however, is a school buddy being taken into custody after he broke into a Sonitrol Pacific protected school site when it was under construction. The friend explained to Dr. Safirstein how and why he was caught. Dr. Safirstein told me he was totally impressed by that story and has never forgotten it.