An ounce of prevention for safer employees

Barbara Hamlin, Director of Customer Service

By Barbara Hamlin, Director of Customer Service at Sonitrol Pacific Portland

You want to keep your employees safe and secure. Doing this requires regular attention to potentially overlooked areas of risk.

 Missing or inadequate “no trespassing/no loitering” signs in parking area hamper police response
 Name of company and address are not clearly visible for police response
 Emergency response numbers not posted near building entry
 Trees planted next to building may allow for roof access
 Unsecured ladder or other means of roof access like a dumpster
 No camera or peephole at loading area door to prevent armed intruders
 Roll-up doors open and unattended entice robbers, burglars, and transients
 Bushes near building provide for a hiding place for burglars
 Rocks around building provide tools to break building or car windows
 Ashtrays or trashcans around building invite transients
 Overgrown bushes around parking area provide hiding places and block police scrutiny
 Parking area lights appear inadequate
 Parking area light covers appear old and may block light
 Parking spaces marked with employee names or titles invite vandalism and assault
 Trash near the building may attract transients
 Abandoned vehicles or RV residents in the parking area may harbor unwelcome guests
 Inadequate or faded security decals on windows

For more help ensuring your building protects your employees, contact us. You can meet with one of our security consultants for a comprehensive assessment of your security strengths and weaknesses.