Alert operators + fast police response = 3 arrested

A night of Sonitrol Pacific operators detecting criminal activity at a Puget Sound area high school ended in the arrest of three suspected burglars December 28.

Operator Kathleen Armstrong delivers for Sonitrol Pacific clients.On December 27 at about 9:30 p.m., Operator Kathleen Armstrong received impact-activated audio security alerts from the school and heard crashing sounds.  She called Everett Police.  Officers found a broken window, but not the person who broke it.

A few hours later, Operator Kris Etheridge took over the monitoring of Sonitrol Pacific’s Everett clients for Armstrong.  Just after 3:30 a.m. December 28, Etheridge heard tapping noises along with sounds of movement inside the school and called police.

Kris Etheridge, expert Sonitrol Pacific operator

Everett Police Officers raced back to the school and surrounded the building.  They could see one person inside.  When police entered the facility, the suspect crawled into the school’s duct system and officers couldn’t pinpoint his exact location.  A sweep of the school resulted in police finding three suspected burglars on the roof.  They were taken into custody.

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