Sunrise Break-In at Tacoma Methadone Clinic

Minta Christopherson 2008At around 5 this morning, expert operator Minta received a glass break alarm with sounds of movement from a drug treatment clinic in Tacoma. She dispatched Tacoma PD and while she was on the line she received alarms on the dispensary motion detector with continued sounds of movement. The officers arrived and found broken windows on the north side of the building. They took one male suspect into custody before he was able to gain access to the medications. During this time, a female custodian was working in the building in a separate area. She was quite upset to learn that someone else was also in the building and that she could have been in harm’s way.

methadone-clinicWhile after-hours break ins most often pose threats to company assets and building structures, employees working non-traditional hours can be put at great risk. By alerting police immediately to the break-in, rather than the phone-tree approach used by other alarm companies, Sonitrol Pacific alarms get quicker responses to help keep damages and violence to a minimum.