Adios, Break-Ins: Hello, Audio!

Audio detection is sometimes hard to fully explain in writing (especially in fewer than 140 characters– see our Twitter profile!). The best way to understand how audio detection protects facilities better than motion detectors could ever dream is by listening. 

That’s why we post audio clips from many of our apprehensions (nearly 110 so far this year!) on YouTube. When you can hear what our trained Verification Center operators hear when Sonitrol Pacific intrusion alarms are activated, you understand why police trust us so much.

Listen to audio from an apprehension in August:

As soon as the first “BANG” tripped the audio alarm, operator Michael Young was able to listen in and verify that a crime was taking place. When he called police, they knew it was the real deal and arrived in minutes.

The newest video we have up is from the October 2 apprehension at a Tacoma school. What does it sound like to you?

(Read more about school protection)


On systems with non-verified motion detections, things like balloons and spiders can set off alarms. One thing is for sure: balloons and spiders do NOT make noises like these.