Add an In Depth Security Sweep to Your List of Hot Weather “To Do” List

By Pamela Singleton, Sonitrol Pacific Director of Communications
Posted July 27, 2009

I am a native Portlander. I don’t mind the rain. I can’t drive in the snow. When the sun comes out, I slather on the SPF 70, grab a big sunhat and cross my fingers that the temperature will stay below 85 degrees. And, if the temp does cross the 85 degree mark, I quickly deteriorate into a whining puddle of goo; I become addle-brained and lethargic.

If you’re like me and the current heat wave has you a little off your mental acuity, you’ll want to put these home security tips into action to ensure your business and home remain secure. Many burglars count on people being more lax with security when the mercury rises. Don’t fall prey to this.

First, personal safety and wellness is paramount. Put the Red Cross Heat Wave checklist into action. This will ensure you, your employees, your family members and your pets stay healthy.

Second, hot weather leads to open windows that draw a cooling breeze through the house and when people leave for work in the morning they often leave the windows wide open. Many people believe it’s safe to leave second floor windows open, but burglars can usually access upper levels of a home as easily as the ground floor. Instead of leaving your windows open when no one is home, install energy efficient ceiling fans to keep air circulating and close the blinds, curtains or shades that cover windows facing the sun to reflect heat away from your house.

Next, good communication and relationships with neighbors is always well-advised, but even more so during the summer months when schedules vary and people are frequently away. Take this opportunity to visit your neighbors, make certain they are keeping cool, healthy and hydrated, AND discuss watching out for one another. If you don’t have a neighborhood watch program, look into starting one; if you do, discuss what your group is doing to promote a safe, crime-free neighborhood. You can also make plans to attend one of the many National Night Out events going on August 4.

I know it’s hard to stay on top of your game as the thermometer approaches the century mark, but a little attention to prevention will go a long way in keeping you crime-free (and mentally and emotionally cool) this summer.