A 'thank you' from Chief Scharf

On many occasions, I’ve used this blog to praise the fantastic crime prevention program the Everett Police Department has put together.   Sonitrol Pacific is firmly committed to promoting crime prevention ideas, tips and efforts and are happy to promote a program like EPD’s.

Today, we received a note of thanks from Everett Police Chief James Scharf:  ” … thank you for the message you send to the community that businesses can be and should be a proactive partner in protecting their property. Your efforts regarding crime prevention have been of immeasurable assistance to us in accomplishing our task.”

And we’re not their only fan.

Officers from the Everett PD’s  Crime Prevention unit are regularly asked to speak at law enforcement meetings and conferences to share how their program works.  The team is currently preparing to attend the International Association of Chiefs of Police convention in Florida to present a workshop.  After the workshop, other police departments will take home a fully developed plan and the materials needed to engage their communities in crime prevention efforts.

Our team was thrilled to learn that the EPD learned their “Project Impact” program is a top ten finalist for the Webber Seavey Award, presented annually to law enforcement agencies to recognize them for “promoting a standard of excellence that exemplifies law enforcement’s contribution and dedication to the quality of life in local communities.”