A rave review from Johnson Floral Co. in Boise

By Pamela Singleton, Sonitrol Pacific Director of Communications
Posted November 30, 2009

Linda Eisele, the owner of Johnson Floral, knows the power of audio based security from personal experience and she recently wrote about the value of the services she receives from Sonitrol Pacific.

Johnson Floral has been a customer of Sonitrol since 2003 and we have found them to be an excellent and very reliable company.

In 2005, our company had a break-in from an adjoining business that had no alarm system. Had it not been for our alarm system and the great service from Sonitrol in alerting the police, I am sure that we and the other company would have suffered more damages.

We learned from the police that while they are sometimes hesitant when other “motion activated” alarms sound, they always can count on Sonitrol being a true break-in as they hear what is going on in the business.

During the construction of our new facility, the contractor approached us about installing an alarm with another company, but we insisted that it be Sonitrol, as we wanted to go with a company we knew and trusted.

Sonitrol has great customer service and is always prompt should w have any problems. I highly recommend Sonitrol, their great personnel and excellent equipment.

Linda S. Eisele, Owner