A little fresh air and more

The winter 2011 edition of our “Safe at Home” home security newsletter is out.  A little of what you’ll read there:

Improving homes’ indoor air quality

Soggy, wet winters that melt into soggy, wet springs do little to draw us out into the fresh air, making it important for us to increase the quality of air in our homes and reduce potential health risks caused by pollutants.

Here are a few tips from the Environmental Protection Agency to help you get started.

To sound or not to sound?
Home security should do more than just “scare ‘em away”

Our Security Consultants field frequent questions about a loud alarm that rings when a home’s security system goes off.  Every home security system needs an audible alarm.  However, for optimal safety, protection and effectiveness, when that alarm is programmed to wail depends on two factors: 1) if everyone is away, or 2) if someone is home.
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Share a little GS2 Love

Through our “Good Stuff Squared” program, when you refer a new client to Sonitrol Pacific we’ll pay it forward by donating $200 in your name to the charity of your choice and say “thanks” by giving you $200.
Click the “Refer a Friend” link from any page on our website and complete the information fields.  Once your referral signs an agreement for services with us, we’ll make the $200 donation and give you $200 to spend on your sweetheart.