A library card really can open doors, but Sonitrol Pacific can detect the entry

Sonitrol Pacific detected an attempted break-in and the monitoring operator sent authorities to catch two juveniles using a library card and a knife to try to open a locked door at a Puget Sound area high school September 18.

Operator Kris Etheridge received multiple alarm activations from the school’s multi-arts room.  She didn’t hear anything suspicious over the audio security sensors and sent the school district’s security guard to investigate.

The security guard found two young boys on campus.  One was hiding behind a pillar and the other was next to the building.  While the guard was questioning them, he saw a knife on the ground and a library card wedge in the door.  He told the boys to stay put while he called police.  The boys took off on their skateboards.

Police located the boys and arrested them.  Once in custody, the boys confessed to trying to break into the school.