A homeowner's best friend

You already know Sonitrol Pacific’s integrated systems and electronic security services are a favorite of businesses, schools and other organizations, but did you know we also protect homes?  We do.  In fact, some of our residential clients have been with us since the company started in the late 70s and we never take for granted the trust they place in our team.

Homeowners appreciate our personal service, expert technicians and operators, and advanced technology.  This is a letter we received recently from one residential client:

“May 12, 2012
Sonitrol Security, Inc.
8220 N Interstate Ave
Portland, Oregon 97217

To my friends from Sonitrol

You probably don’t know it, but the people at Sonitrol are my best friends. I feel safer in my home knowing they are watching. And, they are watching. I try never to make mistakes and set the alarm off myself. I actually put little paper jackets on the door knobs and lock all locks on the doors reminding me the “Alarm is on.” I haven’t made a mistake for a long time.

Then, one day this week, Tuesday as a matter of fact, I thought I had closed the door from the kitchen into the garage tight. As I drove down the street, my cell phone rang.  It was Sonitrol telling me my “garage was not set up right.” So I turned around and went back home. But, my garage door was closed. I opened it and closed it again. Hmm. I thought it was strange, but couldn’t see anything wrong, so I left again. When I returned home a few hours later, I opened the garage door and went to the door between the kitchen and the garage. It was open about an inch. I thought that was strange, but I pushed it open. Voila. The alarm went off. I ran to turn it off and then called Sonitrol and apologized. They were right. I had not shut the door completely, and they tried to warn me.

The very next day, very early in the morning, for some reason, I ignored the jacket on the door knob. The alarm went off. Before I could even get Sonitrol called, Deborah called me to check and see if everything was all right. That is wonderful service. It makes me feel so protected. That is what Sonitrol does.

Thank you, thank you Sonitrol.”