Business Security Systems: A Chain is Only as Strong as its Weakest Link

You can’t ‘fake’ security.  There are times when people think that a sign in their window or a faux camera are enough of a deterrent for crime.  If this were true then our jails would be empty and we would have no need of a police force.  We could all just post signs that say “Please don’t take my stuff” and that would be all.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where drugs often impair people’s sense of right and wrong and no sign, or window, or locked door will deter them from taking what does not belong to them.  It is important for businesses to take a realistic look at their assets and determine the value and what they stand to loose of those assets were taken.  This includes not only property like computers, but also the employees.  How much time and money would be lost if you came in to your business one morning to find a broken window and several items missing?  A security system that does not prevent your assets from being lost is not a security system at all.

It is important  to perform regular preventive maintenance, or to have a site security review from a reputable provider to identify possible ‘holes’ in your security system, such as boxes stacked in front of a motion detector or a zip-tie holding a chain together.  Identifying and correcting these discrepancies before a break-in is far less expensive than discovering them afterwards.