Access Control Saves You Money

By Tony Orso, Puget Sound Regional Sales Manager
Posted September 21, 2008

Access control systems are great. Many companies use them to eliminate the cost of keys and rekeying when an employee leaves the company. Some of our customers have told us about other savings they get when they install and access control system. Please consider:

1) One of my customers told me she had to pay overtime to employees who showed up to work on the weekends, even if it wasn’t authorized. She said that our managed access system doesn’t let employees into the building before or after their scheduled shift. She has saved the cost of her self managed system in overtime alone. She said it also saves her the costs and trouble of a disciplinary plan for the employees that used to work unauthorized overtime hours.
2) One of my customers used to send a person to check if the building doors were locked at the end of each day. Our access control system automatically locks the doors at pre-set times, eliminating the need to pay a person or guard service to check. We call them if the door doesn’t close. Our system is easier and cheaper than paying a person to drive by every day

These are just a couple of the surprise savings my customers have had with keyless entry systems. I would appreciate your letting me know any “Surprise Savings” that you uncovered with an access control system.