National Safety Month: Week Four, Fire Watch

Fire safety has been a hot topic over the last several months as temperatures have been rising around the country and areas have been devastated by the aftermath. Wildfires have swept through the west coast and other areas of the nation. According to the Oregon Department of Forestry, from June 1 to September 11, 2015, there were approximately 1,571,218 acres affected by wildfire in the Pacific Northwest. 576,901 acres in Oregon were affected and 994,317 acres in Washington. Wildfires prove to be very costly and can move very quickly. Even though wildfires occur most often in the summer, fire prevention inside and out should be a year round priority.

Routine fire inspections are imperative to keep your monitoring system properly working and to prevent serious loss. Inspections should occur annually, quarterly or monthly depending on the system. Fire inspections by a member of our team include:

 *An assessment of the communication to and from the fire alarm control panel
 *An evaluation of the A/C and battery power
 *A review of the posted fire plan and instructions
 *An evaluation of fire system equipment
 *A check on accessibility of fire system equipment
 *A review of problems or concerns uncovered
 *Appropriate action taken to address problems or concerns

Interested in learning more about our fire monitoring services? Reach out to your Customer Service Representative or Security Consultant today or contact our offices. We would be happy to discuss how to protect your facility from environmental threats.