4 Reasons Why Verified Security Systems Result in More Apprehensions

Sonitrol Pacific’s verified security systems have resulted in more than 170,000 police apprehensions since 1977. Below, learn why this technology is unparalleled in trustworthiness and, above all, efficacy.

Police Trust Verified Security

False alarms don’t just divert police attention, they also sap resources. For example,  the city of Seattle reported that $1 million is spent annually on false alarms. Therefore, when police receive an automatic response from a traditional security system, they often assume that it isn’t a real emergency. Verified security systems confirm that the alarm is genuine, and prompt responders to act quickly. The proof is in the numbers: The average police response to an unverified alarm is 45 minutes, while their response to a verified alarm is just 8 minutes.

Verified security

Verified Security Prevents False Alarms

An estimated 98% of all alarms are false. The best antidote to false alarms is alarm verification, especially audio detection. When a loud noise or impact, such as a crowbar hitting a door, happens at a building we protect, we hear the noise and are then able to listen to what’s going on. If a burglary is taking place, we dispatch police. If it’s not, we reset the system and don’t bother you.

Verified Security Detects Intruders Before the Break-In

Traditional motion sensor security systems only detect criminals after they’ve broken into a building. Sonitrol Pacific’s business security systems catch intruders as they are attempting to enter the building. This early detection enables law enforcement to get to the scene more quickly, radically increasing the chances of apprehension.

Verified Security Offers 100% Protection

Verified security systems offer audio technology that provides buildings with 100% protection. The impact-activated system covers wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, ensuring that every inch of the building is being constantly monitored for suspicious activity. With this thorough setup, it’s virtually impossible for intruders to break in without triggering the alarm system.

Sonitrol Pacific offers technology that ensures the best commercial security. If you want to learn more about how verified security can keep your home or business secure, contact one of our specialists today!

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