2011 SNDA National Achievement results are in

It’s been an exciting day at Sonitrol Pacific … the winners in the annual Sonitrol National Dealers’ Association National Achievement Competition have been announced.  We are thrilled to learn that five members of our team earned top spots and three more earned honorable mention.  Technician John Provost, Operator Tara Fulmer, Operator Sarah Bailey, Salena Wolfe and Jeff LaMont will all make the trip to Arizona in April to attend the SNDA conference and receive their awards.


John Provost

John Provost

Top Technicians:

Fred Beatty, Sonitrol of Charlotte
Jeff Searls, Sonitrol of Rochester
John Provost, Sonitrol Pacific – Everett

Top Tech Trainers:
Paul Butterfield, Sonitrol of Tri-County
Dan Silvestro, Sonitrol of Buffalo

Shining Stars:
Kurt Seeber, Sonitrol of Hartford
Brad Bloomfield, Sonitrol Chicago West

Operator Tara Fulmer

Tara Fulmer

Top Operators:
Tara Fulmer, Sonitrol Pacific – Everett
Natalia Burey, Sonitrol of Tallahassee
Monica Shelton, Sonitrol of Dayton

Top Op Trainers:

Operator Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey

Elizabeth Morris, Sonitrol of Toronto
Karen Santiago, Sonitrol of San Jose

Shining Stars:
Cindy McCormick, Sonitrol of Buffalo
Sarah Bailey, Sonitrol Pacific – Everett

Salena Wolfe

Administrative / Support:
Salena Wolfe, Sonitrol Pacific – Everett

Maureen Wilson,  Sonitrol of Las Vegas
Claudia Griffiths, Sonitrol of Delaware
Lindsay McKinney,  Sonitrol of Lexington

Shining Stars:

Jeff LaMont

Jeff LaMont, Sonitrol Pacific – Everett
Mike Lanker, Sonitrol of Indianapolis

Honorable Mention:

Todd Jech, Sonitrol of Rochester
David Engel, Sonitrol of Rochester
Stan Lezynski, Sonitrol of Buffalo
Zoe Dela Calzada, Sonitrol Chicago North
Mark Howell, Sonitrol of Las Vegas

Robin Goings

Robin Goings

Robin Goings, Sonitrol Pacific – Everett
Ruth Cook, Sonitrol of Dayton
Stephany Russell, Sonitrol of Toronto
Lynne Brown, Sonitrol of Buffalo
Deena Starks, Sonitrol of Vancouver

Amanda Dittebrandt

Johnathan Carr, Sonitrol of San Jose
Tara Reynolds, Sonitrol of Lexington

Amanda Dittebrandt, Sonitrol Pacific – Everett
Kathleen Dee, Sonitrol of Buffalo

Heather Orso

Heather Orso, Sonitrol Pacific – Seattle

Sonitrol Pacific is very proud of all our team members who participated in this challenging competition.  They represent the spirit of our organization.

Support Category:
Amanda Dittebrandt
Anne Ogama
Becky Fuller
DeJa Irving
Ellen Gurney
Heather Orso
Jeff LaMont
Kari Greene
Mattie MacKenzie
Melissa Hager
Salena Wolfe
Sandy Page
Summer Felker

Allan Bray
Andrew Archie
Andrew Sloan
Billy Guest
Eric Bullis
Gary Moore
Jeff Walter
John Provost
John Seekamp
Keith Hart
Matt Moran
Stan Golyaka
Tony Morgan

Ashley Sutton
Bricia Meija
Cynthia Burr
Denise Smith
Jaime Maranville
Jessica Culver
Joe Orsborn
Kris Etheridge
Lora Orsborn
Mike Young
Minta Christopherson
Robin Goings
Sarah Bailey
Stephany Ripley
Tara Fulmer
India Moshell