2009 … it was a very busy year

The FBI’s preliminary 2009 Uniform Crime Report indicates a decline in most categories of crime.  This is fantastic news considering the common presumption that crime increases in economic downturns.

While overall crime may be down, the number of people caught by a Sonitrol Pacific security system is up.  In 2009, police caught 199 suspected burglars, vandals, trespassers and robbers after a Sonitrol Pacific detection.  This is 12% more than our 2008 total (which was 33% more than our 2007 total).  Of the 199, 30% were detected and apprehended before they could actually get inside the facility our systems secure.

Points of entry:
Door    43%
No entry    30%
Window    18%
Fence    3.5%
Roof    3.5%
Wall    1.0%
Other    0.1%

Type of Offender:
Burglar    42%
Trespasser  32%
Vandal    25%
Other    1%

Detecting and Dispatching Operator:
Minta Christopherson  43 suspects
Kris Etheridge    38 suspects
Tara Fulmer    28 suspects
Michael Young    22 suspects
Bricia Mejia    13 suspects
Robin Goings    12 suspects
Joe Orsborn    10 suspects
Denise Smith    5 suspects
Ashely Sutton    4 suspects
Michelle Evans    3 suspects
Cynthia Burr    2 suspects
Jeff LaMont    2 suspects
Lora Orsborn    2 suspects
Sara Bailey    2 suspects
Jaime Maranville    1 suspect

Sonitrol Pacific security systems focus on early detection and verification.  This allows police to arrive on scene faster and catch the bad guys.

Minta Christopherson43
Kris Etheridge38
Tara Fulmer28
Michael Young22
Bricia Mejia13
Robin Goings12
Joe Orsborn10
Denise Smith5
Ashely Sutton4
Michelle Evans3
Cynthia Burr2
Jeff LaMont2
Lora Orsborn2
Sara Bailey2
Jaime Maranville1