2 in custody, 2 on the run & asking: dude, where's my car

An attempted burglary at a medical marijuana facility ended in arrest for two and a ‘dude, where’s my car moment’ for two others thanks to a detection by Sonitrol Pacific’s security system January 23.

Just before 5:00 a.m., Operator Joe Orsborn received an alert from the door between the warehouse and office of The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation.  Through the audio security sensors, he heard voices and sounds of movement, and dispatched Portland Police.

Officers responded quickly and took two suspected burglars into custody.    A review of non-monitored security video showed four people broke into the facility and police are using the images to help locate the other two.  In making their get-away, the suspected burglars left behind two vehicles and Portland Police impounded both.

According to a representative from the organization, the burglars kicked in a panel on one of the warehouse doors to break-in.  Thanks to Sonitrol Pacific’s impact-activated audio security system detecting the noise, Orsborn verifying the threat and Portland Police responding quickly, the intruders’ adventure ended there.